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[ uwu because i noticed how weabooooooo-ish i was back then, and id like to put the past behind me

also ill try to be a good admin this time

fp has a new start so admin will have a new start too uwu 

im still a lazy butt tho ]


Flame Princess
:bulletred: Name: Flame Princess
:bulletred: Age: 14
:bulletred: Gender: Female
:bulletred: Species: Fire Elemental
:bulletred: Occupation: Princess
:bulletred: Kingdom: Fire Kingdom

"I'm Flame Princess, the princess of the Fire Kingdom. Ask me questions if you like, just don't get me at my bad side..."


Flame Princess is the soon-to-be-ruler of the Fire Kingdom, which is currently ruled by her father, Flame King. Flame Princess is locked in a lamp in the main chamber of the Fire Palace when Jake first encounters her, so she merely spectates during most of Jake's visit. Flame Princess's role as a character is defined predominantly by her relationship with Finn. She was introduce in the episode "Incendium".

Flame Princess is a hot-headed princess--not just literally. She seems to be very sensitive and quick to judge. She is also prone to unprovoked fits of aggression, as shown when she throws fireballs at her citizens just for whispering. Based on this outburst and her imprisonment in the gas lamp it is likely Flame Princess has a destructive nature, though it is possible her nature is a result of her imprisonment. Flame Princess is also impressionable in a positive way. She is very happy when Finn calls her beautiful. She was also interested when Jake was giving her gifts and excited when her dad let her date "Prince Finn." This excitement quickly turns to anger when "Prince Finn" rejects her.Flame Princess shows curiosity about her new surroundings by examining flowers. This sets them on fire and she seems a bit surprised by the reaction, indicating she doesn't know much about lands other than the Fire Kingdom. At the end of the same episode she shows that she likes Finn, but thinks that they can't be together because they are opposite elementals (she thought Finn was a water elemental because of his crying).

Flame Princess is able to conjure up flames at will. She has the ability to transform the other citizens of the Fire Kingdom into flambits. She is able to transform into a much larger, more dangerous form composed purely of fire. Flame Princess can hurl fireballs that vary in size from about baseball-sized to larger than Finn. Lastly she is able to separate her body into distinctly separate groups of flames, shown when she ambushes Finn.

She is weak against water, which is a natural thing scientifically. The fires that Flame Princess make are a part of her, and snuffing or dousing the fire causes her pain.


Love Interest

:iconaskfinnthehuman::iconask-awesome-finn::icononyxfinn: is the a water elemental. He is capable of generating water through his eyes. He persist on defying nature for me.


:iconaskjakethedog: was the one who sent gifts to me from Finn.
:iconask-bonnibubblegum: is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. I heard she is a good friend of Finn but she supposedly broke his heart. I see her sometimes when my father takes me to meetings in Ooo Royalty.
:iconask-marceline: Is the well known vampire queen. She once visited the fire kingdom and played hula-hoops around the courtyard. I see her when my father takes me to meetings.
:iconoh-flameprince: is my opposite. He comes from another dimension. I'm still confuse by fact he gave up on Fionna so makes me wonder if I will do the same for Finn....errr....he's the boy ver. of me
:iconfionnatheadventuress: is the opposite of Finn. She seems to have the same situation as him.
:iconaskcakethecat: Jake's opposite. She tried to tie the affairs between Fionna and Flame Prince. But regretted it after realizing he's "evil"
:iconask-prince-gumball: the opposite of Princess Bubblegum. That's all I know about him.
:iconaskmarshal-lee: the opposite of Marceline the Vampire Queen.


:iconaskthekingofice: I don't know him well, but I heard he steals princesses and forces them to become his bride. If he ever does that to me I will make him suffer.
:iconicequeenrocks: The opposite of Ice King.


:iconatlichplz::iconarent-you-cold: A horrid monster. From my studies about the history of Ooo, he is known to show the inhabitants no mercy. In the fire kingdom, he is respected for his capabilities but at the same time defiled for his doings.

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DEMON-WARRIOR-15 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
So your the girl that's on fire right? Nice to meet ya. So question: Do you think you'll ever get back with Finn? Ever? 
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Question: What dress did you wore that is the puffiest?
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What do yo say about me making this for all of those people who support you (I know your fake, but you can still reply)?
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Hey Flame Princess.... What would you do if you and Finn accidentally got drunk during a Party... (you're 22 years of age)...and he asked you... hey wanna blablablabla?
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I dare you to give finn a second chanceBroken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
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Hey fp
are you and cb dating
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Hey Flame Princess.

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Daydream-Studios Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Dear FP,
I respect your way of ruling the flame kingdom and all, but there's someone that isn't who he is, and he's not from your place. It's Cinnamon Bun. After I saw his eyes, I sense a ventriloquist shadow inside him, wanting your power when you show your weak spot in your heart. Will you be careful near him? 
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So as a fire elemental could you still get sick or not ? :d
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Igonor that Q and don't be freaked out that I'm a watcher OK plz
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Do u wanna get back together with Finn? Or Try again but not now
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ok how, I have a couple of questions for you.


 have you met betty yet?

do you know who she is?

 do you know of ice king's past?

do you feel bad for i.k.?

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Oy nice times are coming for you except for Finn maybe
GhostHunter94 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi FP.. I hope your doing okay..

Question: Im sure you and i both have bad days especially in which we are down and just want someone to comfort us.
Would you say you'd rely on your friends to comfort you in a bad time?
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